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Winter Dresses

Beat the Chill and Look Beautiful in Winter Dresses

After the long stretch of summer and spring fashions, it is time to stock your wardrobe with winter dresses. Winter dresses are not just layers of fabrics but can be the most stylish outfits if you choose the right ones. There are many different styles of winter dresses to choose from and the variety will definitely see you through the whole winter season. Different types of winter dresses are there to suit all kinds of occasions; from the daily work clothes to the fabulous attires for winter weddings.

Winter dresses will come in heavier fabrics like wool, velvet, suede, corduroy and taffeta. Apart from keeping you warm these fabrics are rich in appearance and give a distinctive style to the dress. Leather dresses are also not uncommon and many women like to wear a dress reaching just below the knees with leather boots. Tweed suits are typical winter dresses which working women prefer and they look quite elegant and perfect in a work atmosphere, although it is a country style.

The latest trend for winter dresses in the working and semi formal categories are loose fits which have a sweeping design covering your curves, and the hem comes to the knees. These dresses are held tightly at the waist with belts having different widths and designs. Another change in trend one can see is the slight change in the color tones of winter dresses. Although quite a few still prefer the black and grey colors, many people are turning to darker and richer shades of green, reds and browns. Colors like emerald green, scarlet red and royal purple seem to be the favorite this season. Necklines of winter dresses have been crew neck, but this year saw many fashions sporting a plunging neckline as well. Shawl of pashmina can be very pretty and warm accessory for winter dress.

Knitted dresses are also in fashion, and many women are preferring the sweater dress in red with stockings for those really cold days. There are winter dresses that look as though they have two separate pieces but actually is one dress. A sweater in black knitted fabric forms the top part reaching up to the waist and there is a plaid skirt in wool which reaches just below the knees, and the waist sports a black woolen sash. This is an ideal winter dress design for wearing to work and other semi formal occasions. There are lots of such designs available online, including the top fashions of formal winter dresses.

It’s a good idea to wear warm emu boots during the cold winter.

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