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Flower Girl Dresses

Pretty Flower Girl Dresses for the Perfect Wedding

Flower girls enhance the beauty of any wedding ceremony and their attire has to be carefully chosen. Flower girl dresses are usually worn by small girls and there is a variety of styles and colors to choose from. The style should fit the theme of the wedding ceremony and so must the color combinations. Flower girls are the first to appear in the isle and they should be dressed accordingly to make a very good first impression.

A flower girl dress has an upper bodice and a skirt. The bodice part covers the neck and shoulders up to the waist, and the skirt portion forms the bottom part of the dress. These two parts are designed in different ways which gives a certain style to the dress. For example, there are flower girl dresses, which make the girl look like a princess. In this style, the skirt is full length and has a lot of frills decorated with ribbons, flowers and beads. The bodice part will usually be of satin with ribbons and bows. Another style of flower girl dress has a skirt which is box-pleated. These skirts do not have the fullness of a princess style, but still look pretty and can be decorative. Box pleats are even and vertical, running down the length of the skirt. As the pleats reach the bottom of the dress they are wider apart, and give an elegant look to the girl.

Flower girl dresses have a variety of necklines, which add to the style to the dress. There is the neckline which is shaped like a heart and also the classic V neckline. There is also a boat neckline that has a curving design, covering the whole area from shoulder to shoulder. Usually the sleeves of the dress will be puffy, but now, halter straps, spaghetti straps and sleeveless designs are also some of the latest trends in flower girl dresses.

While choosing a flower girl dress it’s important to consider the age of the girl who is going to wear this dress. For very young girls the dress should be comfortable and should not hinder her mobility in any way. Try and take the measurements of the girl nearer to the wedding date, as small children tend to out grow their dresses very fast. The color combination of the flower girl dress should also match the bride’s maid dresses and the general color scheme of the dresses of the people present.

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