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Evening Dress

Dress Up for the Evening

Evening wear is the best opportunity in dressing, for a woman to show off her style and grace. Dresses for evening are usually worn on a date, a semi-formal occasion or a get together in the evening which is casual. When the occasion is neither black-tie nor informal, evening dresses would be the perfect choice.

There are many different styles and designs available for evening wear. Before choosing an evening dress you should consider the type of occasion you are going to attend, and the season. You will have to know how formal the event is going to be, and whether you are going to be indoors or outdoors most of the time. You should also be comfortable in the size you are wearing.

There is usually a trend among women to choose a slightly smaller size for an evening dress, and this does not always work for the better. Sometimes, too fitting a dress may draw undue attention to the extra pounds. The evening dress is meant for you to look stunning and therefore carefully choose the dress which fits you correctly and is of an appropriate design which emphasises your body proportions in the correct places. A flaring evening dress would not be a good idea, if you are a bit heavy around the waist. In such a case choose a design that wraps quite evenly around you body. A larger top would demand a dress which fits loosely on the upper body and then meets at the waist in a more tight fit.

The choice of color also plays a major role in choosing the right evening dress. The color you choose should blend well with your skin tone. If you have a pale skin tone, grey would be a good color, and if your skin is more reddish, you can go for pink or pastel colors.

Evening wear in black color patterns have always been the preferred choice for many women. Patterns are generally good embroidery work, or hand painted designs and shimmers. Even a plain black evening dress which is properly tailored, looks quite stunning on a woman. For the summer season, there will be a whole different range of colors and patterns for the evening dress.

Summer evening dresses are usually in brighter colors like rose, pink, blue and shades of yellow. Patterns for summer evening dresses will usually be floral motifs, or abstract designs in light colors. The summer evening wear will usually be sleeveless or with a halter neck.

One Response to Evening Dress

  • Dress to work says:

    Fashion is only fun when I’m not stressing out every second about what I should wear. And I’m not a “fashion snob” either but I adore dresses – I think people should chose comfort over current craze, and be left alone with what makes them happy.
    And after that when people look at the way you’re dressed, it’s a window into who you are.