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Autumn Dresses

Look Stylish in Autumn Dresses

Change in the seasons requires change in your dresses, and come autumn, you need a good collection to look stylish and also brave the cold. Autumn dresses have a totally different color tone and fabrics, when compared to spring or summer dresses. Autumn dresses have a richer or darker color tones like rust, chocolate, burgundy, mocha, caramel and olive. Luckily these colors match almost all skin tones and hair color of almost everybody. The fabrics which are mainly used for autumn dresses are velvet, corduroy, fleeces, flannel, leather, velour, wool and suede. Other popular textures are tweeds, knitted materials and also plaids.

Autumn dresses are available in numerous styles, and you can choose one that will match the occasion. From simple designs for an informal gathering to a luxurious dress for a formal occasion, all are available. Autumn dresses in velvet are available in a dark shades of blue and browns. The fabric is soft and feels luxurious to wear and at the same time keeps you warm. Velvet is a popular fabric even for mini autumn dresses that can be worn with stockings and boots. It is a good idea to wear a dress with a pashmina shawl, which keeps a warmth in the cool autumn days.

When the autumn weather is not too cold, you can try on a two piece autumn dress made of silk. Also there are sleeveless dresses that can be worn with small jackets. Patel colors can be totally avoided for autumn dresses, and also certain dark colors which are flat. A flat dark red and black autumn dress would look too dull, while a deeper shade of violet or orange would look quite lively and attractive in an autumn dress.

On formal occasion you can choose an autumn dress which is in bolder colors, in velvet or satin. Cocktail dresses for autumn look good in deep red, having a satin fabric. Although black is always the favourite, make sure to choose a deeper shade of black that looks rich and should have a slight sheen to it. Autumn dresses in scarlet and bright tomato red will also look quite attractive on formal occasions.

Purple is yet another strong color which looks good in autumn dresses, and the design can also be embellished with studs. For the work atmosphere autumn dresses can have certain prints like checks or pinstripes, or even an animal print. A more casual dress for work would be a cable knit dress or a belted shift dress.