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Ball Gown

Ball Gown to Grace the Special Occasion

Ball gowns are worn by women when socializing at the most formal occasions. A ball gown is a full gown dress which reaches up to the ankles. A rich looking fabric is used in making the gown, and has delicate and exotic trimmings. Usually traditional ball gown designs will have a decollete neckline with sleeves starting below the shoulders. Ball gown is worn with gloves which reach a little above the elbows and usually a shawl or stole is wrapped around the shoulders. The basic style of the ball gown has not changed, and the usual fabrics used are velvet, silk, taffeta and satin. The main trimmings used are of ruching, pearls, ruffles, sequins, lace and embroidery. Many fashion designers have also experimented with artificial fabrics but it has not caught on.

The bodice of the ball gown has a huge scope for different variations and styles, and the bottom bell part usually will be of the same pattern. For your special occasion you need to choose a ball gown that best suits your shape and height, and also give consideration to the impression you want to create with your ball gown. Choosing the fabric for the ball gown is an important task, as that is going to create the impression of elegance and opulence. Ball gowns can either have the same material for the bodice and the gown or can have two different materials. You can make the gown look grand by choosing designs that are woven with silk and polyester thread that give the impression of a shiny metal and sparkle in the light. The most favoured material for the gown is usually satin and this fabric can be made to dip and curve to form exquisite patterns on the gown.

You will also need to consider the cut you want to choose for your ball gown. If you have a figure which is well defined, you can go for the classic cut, which has off-the-shoulder cap sleeves and a stole. Styles of modern ball gowns have usually spaghetti straps with a tank top that is zipped behind, and this style is ideal for a thinner woman. The top has lace designs that is in contrast with the smoother fabric of the gown. The classic and the modern ball gown styles both look elegant, and each looks better on an appropriately figured woman.

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